Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lapse in Judgement Ruins Red Corner

STERLING, V.A. - A Sterling man tuned to AMC prematurely for the start of Highlander early Sunday morning, and inadvertantly viewed the final three minutes of Red Corner.

"I'd never seen Red Corner before, but I'd always imagined I'd see it one day," said Ban Bove, 29. "I guess I screwed up."

Witnessed in the final gripping moments of the 1997 thriller was Bai Ling's tearful farewell to Gere. According to Bove, this was, "...probably pretty important to the storyline."

Bove goes on to say, "I didn't really know anything about the movie until now. I figured Gere was in some asian country, presumably doing something asian-related. Seeing him with that asian women really confirmed everything I already thought."

As to why he showed up so early for Highlander, Bove had this to say: "Well, there's that whole opening narration by Connery and the Quickening scene in the first, like, five minutes, and I didn't want to miss that. Knowing now the ramifications of my actions, I can honestly say I wish I'd just gone to sleep instead. After blowing Red Corner, I wasn't even in the mood for Highlander."

Bove will likely review Red Corner on IMDb in the coming days. The film has already garnered high-praise from users such as, "Watchable," "Mind-numbing," and "Taintacular."

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