Wednesday, April 4, 2007

National Geographic to Host Rock-Paper-Scissors Competition

ASHBURN, VA – National Geographic, Inc. (NASDAQ: NATGEO) announced Monday that it will stage the first Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament in the history of the company and will hold the weeklong competition at National Television Annex in Ashburn, Virginia. The tournament comes on the heels of the organization's extremely successful Chili Cook-Off, which was staged in February 2007 at the Ashburn television facility.

The announcement brings together the leading global real-world media and entertainment company and the forty-seventh fastest-growing sport in America.

"We're extremely proud to have won the rights to host the competition," said Manuel (no last name), Supervising Supervisor of Facilities at NTA. "We have a state-of-the-art facility that will provide an amazing home to both the athletes and the game." It should be noted that no other facility placed a bid to host the tournament. Nonetheless, employees are ecstatic about competing in the tournament. From Marketing to Programming and from Sales to Master Control, NTA team members are coming out of the woodwork to sign up for their chance to compete for the Galapagos Cup.

The Teutuls of TLC's American Chopper have been commissioned to build a Rock-Paper-Scissors-themed bike in honor of the event. In addition, three employees will be chosen based on time of service, accolades received, and on-air reliability to discrepancy ratio, to carry symbolic rock, paper, and scissors into the gaming arena.

National Geographic's shares rose 4.7% on Tuesday following the announcement.