Friday, January 25, 2008

Settlement Reached in Jedi Abuse Case

IMPERIAL CENTER OVERSECTOR, CORUSCANT - The Jedi Council said yesterday that it will pay a settlement of nearly thirty million Galactic credits to the three former Jedi Apprentices who accused their trainers of sexual abuse.

One-time Padawan Learner Koon Saroon accused his former Jedi Master Zez Kai-Ell of sexual misconduct three years ago. The charge, issued before the Galactic Senate, was dismissed upon completion of the settlement. Following Saroon's accusation, two more former Jedi Younglings came forward with stories of misconduct while under the tutelage of Kai-Ell. Each described events which began with Kai-Ell offering a tour of the Jedi Temple. Midi-Chlorian analysis proved that Kai-Ell had been in the Temple Dormitories, and on the Temple balcony, and in the Temple Gardens, and on Master Yoda's chair.

Jedi Master Mace Windu released this statement on behalf of the Jedi Council: "The Council is pleased to learn that a resolution has been met for this horrifying set of circumstances. Unfortunately for Zez Kai-Ell, he will still face punishment internally by the Council. In addition, Master Yoda's chair has been replaced due to the inappropriate actions which took place on, or near it, multiple times by Kai-Ell. The Council now considers this to be a private matter and will make no more public statements."

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